How effective is the Harmonic Egg® at helping the body heal itself?

Highly effective. It’s very effective at helping to increase the overall health and vitality of a healthy client. The unhealthy client will need more assistance and time to get fit. After completing a set of sessions, some clients prefer coming once in a while to maintain a good balance. For example, if you have insomnia and are sleeping better after 3-10 sessions, we may never see you again for that particular problem. However, you may prefer to come for a session occasionally just because you enjoy it and see the benefits in other areas of your body or emotional state.

Can we back this up? We have had clients indicate that they have had injuries/bruises and other wounds that have healed faster than expected after using the Harmonic Egg® . Example: A client came with a quite badly smashed thumbnail. After 4 weeks and 3 Harmonic Egg®  sessions, it ended up being a slight bruise under the nail.