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What Kind of Conditions or Illnesses Does the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Work With?

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® resonance chamber can change a person’s vibrational frequency to a healthier level so that the body can work more efficiently. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® mobilises the body’s self-healing reserves with no risk for your health or dangerous side effects. Degenerative conditions such as infections, cancers, inflammations, autoimmune disease, skeletal degeneration and organ dysfunctions can develop when the body’s self-healing reserves lose their power. However, if these reserves revive, the health conditions are often reversed. The resonance chamber can help even with fractures and cuts.  Neural dysfunctions, from headaches to deafness to paralysis, can be normalised, not to mention its significant effects on emotion regulation, anxiety symptoms, working memory capacity, and more. Can any such a cure-all exist? If there is a generalised life-force enhancer, then the answer is yes, and this may be it.

Many clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illnesses. Everyone is different; therefore, everyone will have different results. The body is exquisitely designed and knows what to do given a chance. The following is a statement of one client after his session: “It is not there to specifically treat one ailment, injury, or illness. It puts you in a position of relaxation that allows your body to heal itself. You can sense you’re healing in other areas of your body that you never went there to treat.” ~ Jonathan


Conditions shared by clients where the resonant chamber has helped facilitate healing: 

    Chronic Pain/Migraines/headache

    Depression/Emotional/Psychological imbalances


    PTSD and burnout (if the individual is receiving outside psychological assistance for PTSD, the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can have an even greater impact because they complement each other)

    Adrenal Fatigue

    Sleep dysfunction

    Autoimmune Disorders 


    Addiction and addictive behaviours

    Stroke Recovery

    Post-surgical recovery

    Weight issues  

    Digestive Issues 

    Reduce Inflammation 

      Alzheimer’s disease

⦁     Parkinson’s disease and more…

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