Is This Technology Just for People Who Are Ill, In Pain, Or Symptomatic?

NO, absolutely not. The Harmonic Egg®  sessions are for anyone willing to stay healthy and look and feel radiant. People use The Harmonic Egg® to detox and destress the body naturally and re-instate one’s energy in a pleasant and non-invasive way. For example, many practitioners, clinicians, and healers use the Harmonic Egg® as a way to cleanse off any residual energy left behind from the work they do to help others and reset themselves.

Many clients have found other benefits, including creative inspiration, insight, motivation, clarity, deeper connection to self and others, and increased emotional awareness.

Furthermore, the resonant chamber brings you in line with who you really are. As a result, models that no longer fit here will be released faster, giving you access to your true potential.

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