What is the Autonomic Nervous System and Why It is so Important?

Have you ever felt as though you struggle to maintain a relaxed state of mind, body and soul? So many of us are stuck in a flight-or-fight response, constantly in a low to a high state of stress. When the body is in this state, it is out of its state of balance and natural ability to heal and reset itself. Research shows that stress can cause inflammation in the body, leading to a number of chronic health conditions. If you could harmonise your Autonomic Nervous System or inner energy/internal environment, many of your issues would simply disappear.


Experts suggest that about 85-90% of all diseases are caused by stress. Stress has a considerable effect on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is involved with practically all diseases. Doctors state that by balancing the autonomic nervous system and its sympathetic and parasympathetic parts, individuals have good results when it comes to their injury, disease and medical treatments. The ANS regulates involuntary action of the entire body, including the hormones, lungs, intestines, heart, and brain. As the mind and body relax, organs start to function at a higher level from the increase of oxygenation. 


No doctor, medicine, hospital or clinic can do what the human body can do for itself when the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is balanced. In other words, the body is a silent healer. When the ANS is balanced, the creation of millions of new cells occurs every second and foreign substance from the blood can be detected and picked out, which is the liver’s job to destroy in a hundredth of a second. In a stressless body that goes hand in hand with balanced ANS, each cell appears to have the capability to self-correct any disease or dysfunction, allowing the possibility of self-correction throughout the body. Our inherent mechanisms for self-healing are highest when the ANS is balanced. It is known that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. As science continues to explore more and more about our bodies’ DNA, we will become even more aware of the greatness of this healing mechanism, called the Autonomic Nervous System.


The concept of trusting our body to heal itself is met with scepticism. If the results received from other therapies and treatments have been disappointing and one is still ailing, it’s normal to be distrustful of yet another therapy.   We usually try to get rid of symptoms like pains and aches without ever addressing the real issue, the core or cause of the problem. However, the Harmonic Egg® may prove to be one of the most powerful modalities to activate and enhance the autonomic nervous system and the body’s natural well-being ability.