Will the Harmonic Egg® assist in detoxing the body from toxins and heavy metals?

Yes, but don’t forget to drink liquids! The Harmonic Egg®  will help induce the flow of the heavy metals, and then the body needs some fluids to flush the toxins out of the body. For example, plain water/water with fresh lemon, organic juices, high-quality electrolytes, herbal tea, etc. Our advice is to drink plain water on an empty stomach for best results. 


The following is a testimony of a client after his session in the Harmonic Egg® . “I noticed after my first session that I could smell myself…the smell of metals. It was the first time I have ever smelled myself after any energy work/sessions.” It makes sense because the body can release odours of heavy metals when physical, emotional, and environmental healing occurs in the form of a deep relaxation state.