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about the owner

The Portal to
Your Well-Being

Harmonise yourself from within using colours, sounds, vibrations, and energy resonance.

Breakthrough Resonant Chamber Technology for Better Health and State of Mind.
Beneficial Frequencies for Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, Recovery from Illnesses, Stress Level Management, Burn-Out Relief, Immunity & More.

About the Owner

Dear all,

Like many of us, I have had my challenges in life, but once my bioenergy started to get unblocked, it unleashed my inner healing power. That kind of transformation awaits YOU on the "other side of the portal".

I regain my sense of emotional balance and well-being by overcoming traumatic events and autoimmune disease with the help of healing frequencies and altered states of mind. 

My Story from My Heart to Yours

My name is Victoria, and I am the owner of Harmonic Egg Ellipse® in the South Holland region. I have a stable family with which I live happily in the Netherlands. Before becoming a mom of two children, I worked as an Architect and high-end Interior Designer. Creating beautiful spaces and places where people can find peace is an essential part of my identity.

Being from a different culture and background, the rhythms of nature fuel my gratitude for being part of the universal symphony called life as a passionate listener and contributor alike.  

I have always been compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive to other people’s needs and had a sincere and selfless intrinsic desire to help and be of service with an ambition of empowering people to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My life’s purpose is to help bring harmony, synchronicity, and good health to other people’s lives, to your life. 

Befriending children with developmental issues as a young child at school and in my neighbourhood whilst they were ignored or bullied by others was common for me. Also, growing up in a town with many homeless cats and dogs, I was the first who took care of them when I encountered them across the street. Therefore, it is no surprise that I am a person who has continued my passion and vision of bringing love, compassion, and motivation to a suffering world as an adult.  

Today, I am lucky to live a happy life that flows with positive energy. Inspiration, inner balance, and soulful living are a part of what defines me now. However, this was not always true. 

Having suffered traumatic experiences as a child (complex trauma) from years of mistreatment from multiple sources, I discovered effective ways to self-soothe with the healing and powerful effects of frequencies through musical journeys and altered states of mind. These deep relaxation techniques let me let go of my anxiety and pain by focusing on the sounds and entering a therapeutic mental flow state (light trance) accompanied by vivid visualisations. As a result, I could naturally access “THE PORTAL” to my well-being and the power of intention.

For example, my father developed Alzheimer’s disease whilst I was studying at university and interning, which caused me a lot of tension and stress. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a stress-induced autoimmune illness and PMDD shortly after. However, I  learned how to control it by revisiting my flow state practice. 

Fast forward through my life, I faced many other challenges. As a result, I found myself stimulated by my natural and ever-present desire to reignite the flow states from my younger days to help my situation. However, this time, with the addition of an enormous pull towards supporting, soothing, and inspiring others in doing the same. I was passionate about enabling anyone who wishes to experience altered states of consciousness and physical or emotional healing in an entirely safe, natural, and holistic manner, as I had always had fantastic results with my work in energy healing.

Guided by my heart, synchronicity united me with the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

In the last few years, my interest in energy healing grew even more, and I began researching and studying it by reading books, watching interviews, and analysing scientific research. I was astounded to learn about numerous scientific discoveries and the links between ancient wisdom and modern quantum science. Then, at some point in 2021, I came across an interview with the inventor of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® on Gaia TV, explaining its energy healing powers. I was so enthralled by what I learned that I decided to try its advanced energy healing.

After my remarkable experience from my first session,  I was relieved of inflammation and anxiety surrounding one of my childhood issues. I was convinced that this resonant chamber was genuinely state-of-the-art technology. There and then, I was confident that I had to bring the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® to help other people living in the Netherlands access the wellness they desire. 

Scientific contributions from quantum physicists and experts like Dr Joe Dispenza, a global neuroscientist with training in neurology, brain function, chemistry, and cellular biology, bolstered my decision to invest in this technology and help others heal. Not only that, but the incredible and fascinating stories of people and celebrities who underwent energy healing with the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and their experiences resonated with me deeply. Moreover, it reminded me of my childhood years and how I learned to heal using music, deep meditation (light trance), and self-reflection as a coping strategy to improve my mental and physical wellbeing.

Music therapy and healing frequencies from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® has put a spark in my life. I can now help many people deal with what I had to handle the hard way. In addition, the fact that the resonant chamber can help in addressing a wide range of other health conditions like mine and my deceased father’s Alzheimer’s disease brings me life satisfaction and peace of mind. I could even help animals with the resonant chamber remote sessions.

Is there a better feeling than making a difference in the lives of people and animals every day? I think not.

I have to say that I am a very proud new owner of Harmonic Egg Ellipse®
I wish I could sleep in it every night!

I extend a warm welcome to you at our Harmonic Egg Ellipse® therapy studio. It would be my immense pleasure to empower and support you in every step and level of your journey towards positive physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Let's get back to being the best version of yourself and living your best life!

With love & care, 

∞ Victoria ∞ 

Harmonic Egg Ellipse® owner

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