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Our Promises

The Portal to
Your Well-Being

Harmonise yourself from within using colours, sounds, vibrations, and energy resonance.

Breakthrough Resonant Chamber Technology for Better Health and State of Mind.
Beneficial Frequencies for Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, Recovery from Illnesses, Stress Level Management, Burn-Out Relief, Immunity & More.

What You Can Expect. The Protocol for Sessions, Our Advice, and Our Promises

Table of Contents:

Our Promises

What to Expect from Your Sessions

Will You Notice a Difference Immediately

How Many Sessions Should You Schedule. Typically, How Many Sessions Does It Take To Start Feeling Better Or See Results

What is the Recommended Protocol for Before your Session and How To Prepare for it

What is the Recommended Protocol for After your Session

How to Set Intentions for Manifestation in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

Table of Contents:

Our Promises to You are:

Clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illnesses. Everyone is unique, and everyone will have different health effects. There are thousands of testimonials (RESULTS) from happy clients that have used the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® to heal themselves from countless issues. However, because each client is unique, we can never predict the outcomes of an individual. This is because our cells determine where the energy is most needed and which part of the body, mind, and soul will receive the healing first, regardless of where the client believes the energy should be directed first. For example, the client may have an underlying problem his conscious mind is unaware of, and the frequencies and vibrations from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® will first purge them. But, of course, it helps, and we always encourage our clients to set a clear intention and work with it in their sessions. 

Please scroll down the page for valuable tips on setting an intention.

 We adhere to the protocol and anticipate the synergy between the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and the client will produce results. We aim to make you feel secure, protected and supported because we care. Therefore, we provide a high level of service, guidance, and support. We are approachable, hardworking, cooperative, truthful, and readily available to talk to you and address your concerns.

What to Expect from Your Sessions

Main points:

The total effect of a session is integrated within 5-7 days. Therefore, at this time, it is essential to stay hydrated both during the day and the following week.

Will You Notice a Difference Immediately

It is best to approach a session without expectations as each person is unique, and so is their experience. If you are sensitive to energy, you may detect a change immediately. However, even if you don’t feel it at first, subtle changes are happening within the body as the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® technology can contribute to optimal relaxation and autonomic balance. Your session helps you to align your body so it can perform the healing it was innately born to do!

Here are a few of the most common experiences:

How Many Sessions are Necessary to Start Feeling Better or Seeing Results

From client experiences and testimonies, the best results could be achieved with a consistent set of sessions. Therefore, we advise you to go for 3-10 sessions in a series.

Please note that if you have a severe illness, it is most likely that one set of sessions will not be enough to turn the body around.

If your goal is to live a more joyful life, consider what you would need to do to heighten your energy. Even one session in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® may provide relief, results and answers for some people. Many people have reported that some pain, stiffness and other amazing testimonies have come out of their first session. Some clients find relief after a few sessions, while others find its healing properties valuable enough to opt for continued regular visits to maintain a healthy balance. It depends on each person.

Everyone is different, but you need more than just trying the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® once to get long-term effects.  The good news is that if, for example, you have insomnia and are sleeping better after 3-10 sessions, we may never see you again for that particular problem. 

Whether it be migraines, allergies, Parkinson’s or other health conditions, be prepared to do 3-10 sessions in a short period (1 session every 5-7 days). Then give your body a few weeks (probably 4 weeks) of rest to see where things level out.

Тhe Harmonic Egg Ellipse® activates the body's healing mechanism as it focuses on the source/core of the client's problem and works from there for lasting health effects. Hence, the range of health conditions that can have a positive impact is infinite.

We are offering a few packages, but for those who want to commit to their evolution and ultimate healing, we have a package of 10 sessions (expires in 6 months) that provides the maximum discounted rate from the standard single session.

What is the Recommended Protocol for Before your Session and How to Prepare for it

If you ever have to go for surgery, you can go first for a Harmonic Egg Ellipse® session before it to strengthen your body for the process and the healing process afterwards.

We suggest you plan ahead of the following:

You may experience lingering symptoms just after your session as your body and spirit integrate your healing benefits. It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after you go out from our Harmonic Egg Ellipse® studio. Please, remember to try not to rush this day. You will be able to work and function during the day, but you need to plan rest and not overbook yourself after your daily commitments.

What is the Recommended Protocol for After your Session

We kindly ask that you make your health a priority in your life and especially for a little while after your sessions. 

Please follow our recommendations:

How to Set Intentions for Manifestation in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is an enhancer of intention, and it will contribute in a proactive way to the manifestation of the intentions brought.

Our minds are constantly producing vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings all have frequency, just like sound and light, radio or ultra-violet waves, a thought vibrates through the mind and manifests into reality whether we are aware of it or not.

An internationally recognised author, musician and master teacher Jonathan Goldman offers the simple formula, “Frequency plus Intention equals healing.” If we can find the right sound frequency coupled with the right intention, healing will occur. Rest assured that the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® wellness practitioners are trained and can find the correct music and colours frequencies for you. Moreover, science has shown that our cells are intelligent. Therefore, it is no surprise they can pick up the exact frequency they need to heal. So we have two stages of the frequencies selection process  ̶   first part is practitioner selection, and the second part is natural frequency selection at the cellular level to maintain your health and get the most out of your sessions. 

There is an immeasurable, inexplicable power known to shamans as ‘intent’. It is connected to everything that occurs in the universe. It is also known as the universal mind, source, consciousness, spirit or soul. It is the invisible force that brings everything into existence. We may achieve miracles whenever we are in harmony with the source. Aligning ourselves with this cosmic power is what intention is all about.

When you send an intention, you work in the quantum field or non-local realm. The principles of these ancient sciences are primarily unknown or misunderstood by the modern world. The basic premise is that we use our unconscious mind to connect in the non-local realm where the conscious mind refers to our intelligence and where analysis, assessment, etc. is performed. The key and portal to the non-local realm are in our unconscious mind – the place where hidden emotions, programs, etc. are stored.

Our cultural values and educational system do not usually teach us to use the unconscious mind. On the contrary, we are typically told to ignore it, and due to lack of knowledge, when we identify it, we assume that it works like the conscious mind. Notwithstanding, It does not because it works in another realm and its function is to do something completely different from the conscious mind.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Everything we desire has a frequency set point. We don’t think about it, but all things vibrate at a certain level. Thus, think about and reflect on setting your intention.

Steps and Tips on Preparation and Sending your Intention

When you enter the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and lie down comfortably, you can send your intention, and you must be present and not in any meditative or altered state. The more awake and present you are, the more powerful your intention is. Then you can let it flow and relax with the music and let the immersive experience take you away.

We recommend you to keep the intention connected to a feeling versus a particular desired outcome because there is often a more profound desire behind our original statement. For example, the desire might be to get a work promotion, but the underlying feeling may be to feel fully expressed in your work. Get clear on who you have to be. Once you’ve identified the feeling, you put language to it and write out the intention.

"Thoughts are electric, and feelings are magnetic. Together they create the electromagnetic field that attracts all things to you. You are a carbon-based being made from the same material as a magnet and hold the power of pure electrical creation within you! Each thought or intention you give birth to has a power unto itself, be aware of what you create and send out into your world."

Not believing that the intention is possible for you is another common intention-setting challenge, which can impede it from manifesting. So, it would be best if you shift any limiting beliefs. We recommend reframing your mindset to ensure your beliefs align with your desire. It is possible to do that by finding evidence supporting it already happening in your current life. A good example is if you intend to find love in a partner, but you don’t believe it’s possible, look for where love is already present in your reality.

 We hope we have informed you sufficiently. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions via WhatsApp or email, and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

What People are Saying About the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

“My experience in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® was one of complete peacefulness and a level of deep stillness and relaxation that I had never experienced before.”

Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. That is how I describe my childhood. Never removed or any relief. Since my visit to the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®, I have come to realize the glasses are gone. After returning home, I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. The realization was gradual, gentle, until last night when I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!”

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