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What Is the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and What Happens Inside It

The Portal to
Your Well-Being

Harmonise yourself from within using colours, sounds, vibrations, and energy resonance.

Breakthrough Resonant Chamber Technology for Better Health and State of Mind.
Beneficial Frequencies for Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, Recovery from Illnesses, Stress Level Management, Burn-Out Relief, Immunity & More.

What Is the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and What Happens Inside It

Table of Contents:

Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Gathering Pace Around the World

The Power of Tapping the BioEnergy to Transform Your Life through Cutting-Edge Technology

The Distinct Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Design

What Happens Inside the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®. How the Session Goes, and What to Expect

Table of Contents:

Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Gathering Pace Around the World

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is being recognised by medical professionals in North America (its home country), and many are being deployed directly to clinics, centres, and individuals.  

This new form of frequency medicine is now gathering pace all over the globe. As a result, people are experiencing life-changing benefits. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can be found in North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Peru, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, and now in The Netherlands. The list of countries continues to grow.

As the technology is quite new in Europe, widespread use will take some time. However, we are confident that the benefits will ensure extensive adoption sooner rather than later and that this technology will play a key role in modern medicine as an integrative energy therapy.

We believe that broad-minded Dutch health professionals and medical experts see the benefits of this alternative medical approach and its intrinsic advantages. 

As we write this, synthetic pods (usually smaller) with integrated electronics, low-quality sound (compared to CD quality) and lacking acoustic properties are mass-produced. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is the original pod and a patented resonant chamber! Furthermore, the bio-architecture of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is a handcrafted product made with natural materials and a one-of-a-kind construction process and protocol for sessions.

The Power of Tapping the BioEnergy to Transform Your Life Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Energy medicine from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® rests on a scientific and experiential basis based on ancient and quantum science, integrative medicine, and new medical research. Our resonant chamber is the latest innovation in energy healing, utilising acoustics and resonance to enhance energy transfer from sound and light-coloured sources by creating a cocoon of vibrational alignment and relaxation that works with your body’s vibration and any imbalances. The unique technology works on a person’s cellular level.

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® combines bio resonance science with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry. This integrative energy therapy uses light, colour, sound, frequency, and vibration to activate the body’s natural ability to balance and restore itself.

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is a patented technology that offers an immersive resonant experience in an acoustic chamber. It is built in the shape of a dodecahedron and incorporates Tesla mathematics, sacred geometry, and the Golden Mean Ratio.

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® combines resonant frequencies from colour, light and sound to create unified resonance and harmonics, contributing to limitless health benefits. Our resonant chamber is a secluded meditative medium that allows personal reflection by letting go of worldly distractions and stress while embracing light and sound energy to feel a restorative emotional and physical rebooting. In addition, the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is an enhancer of intention. It will contribute proactively to the manifestation of the intentions brought. 

 The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is a unique biofield enhancer chamber to harmonise and restore your whole being – mind, body, and soul. There is now evidence for the existence of the biofield, and scientific publications are available to everyone. Follow the link to a scientific article (Article link)

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is powerful as it is not just another energy healing modality but a more comprehensive spectrum of therapies composed of energy, frequency and vibration. As a result, the range of health conditions that can have a positive impact is infinite

   We have many scientific indications and testimonials from clients showing that the body’s healing abilities and the use of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® as a powerful enhancer can positively impact human biophysics, biochemistry, organs health and the human psyche (unconscious/subconscious mind).

The Distinct Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Design

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is an all-natural experience as it’s made from wood and natural materials, and no wireless network or Bluetooth devices are used inside it.

The resonant chamber is built according to bio-architecture, acoustics and modern technology. Each Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is craft manufactured and made by an exceptional process using ancient/sacred geometry proportions and quantum science. It is created with 12 sides forming a dodecahedron-shaped egg (platonic solid representing the universe), and it is smooth on the inside. Its exterior envelope system and smooth interior deploy the principles of rigid origami to transform the acoustic environment through spatial form, material, and acoustic technology. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse®  design incorporates the numbers 3, 6, and 9 (some of Nikola Tesla’s brilliance). His 3-6-9 Theory is called the Key to Universe. 

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is a soundsphere (spheroid/ellipsoid) that can finetune its properties in response to changing sonic conditions, altering the sound in the egg space.  In addition, superior quality audio is delivered via high specification speakers built into its structure. Only high-quality CD resolution music (compared to MP3 quality) is played inside. This, coupled with its acoustic properties, can create an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played (figurative sense – opens in a new tab). It brings the body and nervous system to a supreme sound experience that will allow the detoxification process to occur

  The resonant chamber emits a bi-coloured light combination from below the recliner chair and from the centre of the ceiling, giving a full eclipse impression. The lighting system is designed to offer a full-colour spectrum of lights. Mercury-free LED lights are used inside it. 

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is comfortable and spacious (with the space and size of a large car) and should not disturb those with claustrophobia. Visitors immerse in a 360° experience in the large interior (with the door open is 3,35m x 3,35m x 2,13m) and rest in a comfortable, reclining zero gravity chair, eliminating the need to lie flat. Our first and foremost priority is for you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

What Happens Inside the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

The resonant chamber allows the client to have a consistent, repeatable and precisely controlled experience by a fully trained wellness practitioner with each visit. It is, however, unique (no two experiences are alike). What is more, it is not dependent on the physical or emotional state of the wellness practitioner because the client enters the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® on their own. It is a hands-off energy healing modality – so no physical human interaction is needed.

You will be fully dressed during your session and in a completely private, safe and relaxing environment. You will experience a reconnection with your true self (higher self) and possibly your inner child. Tapping into your senses with the help of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® will allow for rebalancing and advanced energy healing therapy. Some clients find relief after their first session or just a few sessions, while others find its healing properties valuable enough to opt for continued regular visits. 

The resonant chamber is non-invasive, and it’s completely safe to be in there by yourself or with your child as you do not go through any pain or radiation, and there are no adverse side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

People with claustrophobia and children are doing well, and they do not feel trapped, so you don’t need to worry about it. You go inside it; you are closed in but not sealed. You can lightly push the door open yourself if you wish. It does not lock or catch anywhere. It can always be manually opened if required from any static position from the inside. So, you can go out by yourself for your peace of mind. The door can be stopped anywhere along its travel path and controlled by the user. The final action of completely closing the door is counterbalanced, enabling the lightest of touches to partially or fully open or close the door. There is a gap vent around the door to allow air circulation, so it is not sealed. We prefer to keep the door closed for the sessions because it is essential to maintain the integrity of the smoothness of the egg that spirals around you. There is a “doorbell” located in the side pocket of the chair so that if you ever need assistance, you can always ring the bell. The wellness practitioner will hear it at the front desk.  

 However, for people with severe anxiety or panic attacks, we leave the door of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® open in our first couple of sessions. After each session, we close it a little bit more until you feel comfortable enough to be fully closed in it.

How the Session Goes and What to Expect

Your Harmonic Egg Ellipse® session combines frequencies and vibrations from light, colours, and the proprietary music, all of which have been carefully selected and composed to provide optimal resonance. Acoustic sounds of piano, drums, flute and other instruments create inner balance in the body. It will undoubtedly be a purging and a therapeutic experience for you, and the best thing is that each session is experienced differently from the previous one. 

For more detailed information about resonance, please refer to the section The Magic is in the Resonance on our Blog page –  The Importance of Harmonic Egg Ellipse® Music, Colours and Geometry.

When you come into our wellness studio and meet us, we ask what you want to focus on for your session – up to two-three aspects/areas at a time. We will also talk to you about what you have going on and ask you to fill in an intake form if you are a first-timer and have not done it online. 

 Each session is composed of music and a short period of silence for reflection and grounding (40 min music and colours + 10 min of silence). You stay inside the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® all the time.  The process will allow us to work on the top 3 aspects from your list of things for this session.

Please note that the last 10 minutes of silence are vital as they are conducted in silence to help reintegrate you back to the “loudness” of life. We will let you know when the 50 minutes have passed by playing a soft chime sound.

As we invite you to the room where the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® awaits you, we will show you where we use HEPA Air Purifier and the button you could use for assistance (located on the side of the reclining chair). Then you will enter the resonant chamber and be asked to lie back or sit in the zero-gravity ergonomic recliner chair, which positions your body to make you feel weightless, stress-free, and energised. It is known to work best by elevating your feet to the same level as your heart, but you can recline a lot or a little if you wish. While you are relaxed, the chair transmits a gentle sonic massage (a slight vibration) to your body through a sub-buffer on the platform underneath it. Specifically recorded mediation music will be played for you through speakers inside the resonant chamber when we close the door. 

We use different sounds and music and different light selection, which will be specific for the intended purpose of your visit and depend on your complaints and imbalances in your energy system.

When you enter the resonant chamber, you relax and are open to letting go and releasing. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® will work its magic no matter what. All you need to do is enjoy the experience and rest quietly. We highly recommend you set an intention first when you go into the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

So, as you relax, you go into a deep meditative state (flow state/light trance), fully aware of where you are. It depends on the individual, but it will take around 15 minutes, although some people can go into a flow state slightly faster or slower than others.  


As you are surrounded by music and colours, frequencies and vibrations, sound and light waves will spiral 360-degrees around your body. Our clients have indicated that they feel like they are on a cloud of sound. You go to a level below the level of consciousness in an immersive experience. You just relax, release, and let go, and you sink into this immersive experience. It is fine to close your eyes and take a nap. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is still working while you are asleep.

Fifty minutes in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can be like you have slept for a few hours because it induces the most beneficial brainwave states – Theta and Delta so you can come into a state of deep relaxation, assisting the body’s natural healing abilities. 


Our clients often find they experience healing on many levels—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clients also say it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and intuition and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting beliefs. Experiences like sensations of lightness, being enlightened, positive vivid visualisations and feelings, and coming into realisations and breakthroughs are also common.


The resonant chamber is a peaceful and often euphoric experience. In some cases, people even say that the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® experience is like Ayahuasca or a “high” without ingesting anything. Other people compare it with Shavasana in yoga, evoking and producing deep relaxation of the mind and body by diving deep into theta brainwaves, typically achieved after approximately 60-90 minutes of yoga poses and proper breathing. You can achieve this flow state effortlessly and much quicker during your 50-minute Harmonic Egg Ellipse® relaxation session.

Once you have exited the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®, the wellness practitioner will spend a few minutes with you (along with an electrolyte beverage) to discuss the experience you just had.  

 You may experience lingering symptoms just after your session because you are operating at a level below your normal level of consciousness during your session.  You may feel very spacey and still quite disconnected from reality as your body and spirit integrate your healing. Therefore, it is best not to rush over to catch up on things or go straight to a public place. We advise you to take a few minutes until you feel fully grounded. You can still work and go about your usual routine, but avoid hard exercise and stress on this day. 


On the day (and the following 5-7 days), try to replenish your vitamins and minerals with fruits, veggies, and electrolytes. Electrolytes are a key supplement for the integration of sessions and support the detoxification process, so they are strongly recommended. Healing sessions help the body detox. Therefore, electrolytes are depleted when the body is healing and need to be replenished. We have good-quality electrolytes available for purchase in our Harmonic Egg Ellipse® studio. Easy!

What People are Saying About the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

"My experience in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse was extraordinary. I felt happy in my heart as soon as I saw it, but then the experience of being in it and taking the healing journey it offers was profound. I didn't want to speak afterwards and needed 20 minutes or so to feel ready to leave the building and engage with the outside world. I felt peaceful, rearranged, and reconnected. Inventor Gail Lynn is a beautiful soul who has created a brilliant device for the world—and I am immensely grateful."

Spiritual Teacher and Speaker, globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Channeler, Transformation Guide, and author of Energy Speaks.

"I experienced an all-knowing clarity and a natural clearing of the toxins in my body. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse is mirroring Mother Gaia's energy."

International Psychic, Awakening Coach & Spiritual Influencer, Public Speaker, and celebrated Artist and Author

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