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Harmonise yourself from within using colours, sounds, vibrations, and energy resonance.

Breakthrough Resonant Chamber Technology for Better Health and State of Mind.
Beneficial Frequencies for Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, Recovery from Illnesses, Stress Level Management, Burn-Out Relief, Immunity & More.

Mental Clarity and Focus Improvement

Tackling Cognitive Difficulty with Colour and Sound

Those who face life with learning difficulties, brain injuries, autism,  and diseases such as Parkinson’s often find little help through conventional medicine. Furthermore, many alternative therapies are focused only on nutritional needs and the symptoms of inflammation, stress, and anxiety instead of balancing the entire autonomic nervous system. Discover more about how the resonant chamber can help your autonomic nervous system, what it is, and why it is important.

Harmonic Egg Ellipse® as a Tool for Communication Improvement and Self-Confidence that Aids You in Attaining Personal Freedom and Growth

Biotherapy and energy healing, used through the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®, provide a reliable science-based alternative that can restore balance in the nervous system. A body system reset that can relieve stress, anxiety and improve sleep, allowing you to achieve mental clarity and focus. 

Several sessions in the resonant chamber provide a heightened sense of mental focus and clarity for many customers. This bio-energy healing aims to improve self-development by improving the quality of life energy or chi, prevalent in every person. 

Many clients have found other benefits, including creative inspiration, insight, motivation, clarity, deeper connection to self and others, and increased emotional awareness. Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can teach you to have more clarity and defog the brain. It does this by having you practice mindfulness. In addition, the resonant chamber brings you in line with who you really are. As a result, models that no longer fit here will be released faster, giving you access to your true potential.

What will you gain by increasing your mental clarity?

You will be able to do the following:

It will be beneficial to you:

Have you ever felt like you’re almost sure about something, but then a dark cloud of doubt appears out of nowhere and refuses to go away? Such doubts are like ripples in the water, reflecting a distorted reflection of ourselves and everything around us. However, once the ripples have subsided, everything becomes crystal clear.

Is it possible to achieve that clear-headed state of mind, or is it a fool’s paradise? Fortunately, it is very much possible with Harmonic Egg Ellipse® set of sessions. Going into altered states of mind with resonant frequencies from sounds and coloured lights is a tried-and-true technique. It is like a signpost directing you out of your mental jungle. The unseen force calms your mind and gives you clarity in what you think and how you act.

How does Harmonic Egg Ellipse® improve the quality of our thoughts? What exactly is the science behind it? Let's find out in the sections that follow.

You’ve probably heard the Chinese proverb, “When you’re confused, take a pillow and go to bed.” They were probably aware that sleep could help to clear your mind. But did you know that sessions in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can have the same calming effect? Did you know that when we immerse in a resonant frequency environment, our body’s oxygen requirement drops by 10 to 20%, whereas it drops by only 8% when we sleep? A lower oxygen requirement indicates a greater sense of calm, which provides our bodies with much-needed rest. In addition, because it is not scattered, a quiet mind can think more clearly than a restless mind.

According to the mechanics of healing resonant frequencies discussed previously, Harmonic Egg Ellipse® increases our energy levels. When this happens, all doubts and confusion fade away, giving way to mental clarity. Have you ever noticed how you couldn’t think clearly when you were sad or depressed? And do you remember how happy you were when you knew exactly what needed to be done? Clearing your mind of confusion is analogous to cleaning the dust from your windows. When you are happy, you can see and sense more clearly. It can happen when we have a lot of energy. Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can serve as an energy booster in this manner. Dust represents doubt, and a clean window represents clarity of mind, both of which will inevitably reflect in our actions. It will all come with a couple of sessions. However, some of our clients report great outcomes from their first session.

Have you ever observed yourself when you were focused entirely on your work or whatever you were doing? You were probably full of energy at all of these times. This is because your energy is not diverted to other wasteful thoughts. Our minds are analogous to a computer’s RAM (the part of a computer that does all the thinking, analysing, and interpreting). As a result, when a computer has too many programs (thoughts) running in the background, the more important programs slow down. This is a near-perfect analogy for our disorganised mind, and our resonant chamber can help you turn off these unwanted programs. Harmonic Egg Ellipse® can help you clear your mind of useless, distracting thoughts so you can feel a surge of energy and clarity. 

You are undoubtedly aware that your eyes are your window to the outside world? Is it possible to see clearly when you have a speck of dust in your eye? Is it possible to have a clear perception when your nervous system is under stress? When our mind is clouded by emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, or regret, we begin to doubt ourselves and others. Due to the resonant chamber healing sessions, our clients become more centred, and such feelings don’t bother them as much. At the same time, it improves our internal and external observation of the world. We are more aware of how we feel and how others feel for us. It becomes easier to express our emotions and feelings when we listen to ourselves. Clearer observation implies a clearer understanding of the situation and a more apparent distinction between right and wrong, which influences our decision-making. Without a doubt, this will improve your communication skills and enrich the content of your communication. When you have a clear perception and observation, you know what to say and how to say it. 

While we’ve already seen how the resonant chamber clears the clutter from our minds and allows us to grasp, think, and express ourselves more clearly, it’s also essential to understand how to keep this clarity over time. We recommend starting with 3-10 Harmonic Egg Ellipse® sessions, and many people will then join a membership for monthly maintenance. Monthly maintenance keeps our energy levels high. It also assists us in maintaining a constant state of calm, which we can easily lose when confronted with difficult situations. Resonance therapy from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® has numerous advantages.

What People are Saying About the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

“I came to the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® because for the last 20 plus years, I have been supporting the integration of children diagnosed with Autism and others who experience heightened sensory sensitivities. In January 2019, I started to receive information from this population that there was a ‘pod’ that could help with their integration. I flew to Denver from LA and had two back to back sessions in the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®. During my first session, something was immediately cleared from my third eye and then a symbol of balance was placed in my heart! I then heard children laughing and saw a giant tree of life with Harmonic Eggs hanging below the leaf line and above the ground. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse's slowly descended, and children walked out onto the earth!”

“Thank you for all you did that benefited me during these last three days. The single thing that is in my heart and on my mind is the ability to finally hold a steady mirror up to myself. That mirror will allow me to understand what I am currently attempting to do. For 13 years I have refused to acknowledge what had become so ingrained in my Parkinson’s work ethic that I ignored/overlooked the fact that it was there. Now I feel I can ‘reclaim’ my place in myself, in my family, in my community, and in the world. I know that I have been working hard to be as strong and as competent as possible. I am simultaneously familiar with my ongoing limitations and my challenges. What I did not comprehend and accept was the serious risk caused by delusional expectations of my ability to take care of my family as I did 15 years ago. You may not have specifically planned it, but you provided me with the space that I clearly required to figure that out.”

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