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Harmonise yourself from within using colours, sounds, vibrations, and energy resonance.

Breakthrough Resonant Chamber Technology for Better Health and State of Mind.
Beneficial Frequencies for Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, Recovery from Illnesses, Stress Level Management, Burn-Out Relief, Immunity & More.

Promote Spiritual Awareness and Development

By channelling the bioenergy initiated by the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®, many emotionally and spiritually exhausted people who have come to us for sessions have found new strength and a way to build up spiritual reserves.

The meridians of acupuncture and chakras are used in ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine to explain how blocked or unbalanced bioenergy can lead to spiritual or physical illness. These modalities and theories also explain how the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® works to bring about spiritual healing.

Many naturopaths and holistic healers are among our clients, and they find that the resonant chamber is a dependable way to replenish spiritual health when depleted.

Bio healing energy envelops the client inside the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® chamber, where the sound and light therapy creates a mind-body connection for holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.

The resonant chamber is a peaceful and often euphoric experience. Some people will say that the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® experience is like Ayahuasca or a “high” without ingesting anything. Other people compare it with Shavasana in yoga (evoking and producing deep relaxation of the mind and body by diving deep into theta brainwaves typically achieved after approximately 60-90 minutes of yoga poses and proper breathing. With the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®, you can achieve this flow state much quicker whilst in your session where you just relax for 50 minutes.

Our clients often find they experience healing on many levels—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clients also say it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and intuition and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting beliefs. Experiences like sensations of lightness, being enlightened, positive vivid visualizations and feelings, and coming into realizations and breakthroughs are also common.

What People are Saying About the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

“The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® was an uplifting and peaceful, soft experience. In our conversation ahead of time I asked for a specific type of spiritual healing. The music and lights were set up perfectly. As I lay there, there was a neutrality to the experience and my body was very comfortable and a letting go of any concern washed over me. It was a feeling of evening out and balancing. The shift was immediate but the change in me is abstract and I can’t bring it to words. It has been about a month since my visit and I was expecting the shift to wear off a bit. I have not found that to be true. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is well worth the experience. I can’t wait until I am back in Colorado to get back into it.”

“Fantastic, mind-blowing experience. I took full advantage of the session and was able to free so many things that were holding me back. I was able to fully forgive myself for all the things I have done. I was able to even go further and allow myself to feel all my emotions without judgement or blame or shame or any negativity for that matter. The very next day I woke in such a strong, happy mood and it carried me all day to where I am now. I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing this experience has been and that it shook me to the core. I cannot thank Gail enough for going the distance and creating something so magical. I would highly recommend anyone trying this.”

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