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Harmonic Egg Ellipse® a Viable Energy Therapy Technology

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What Makes the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® a More Effective Method of Delivering Energy Therapy or Energy Medicine Than Other Systems

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® uses a combination of principles from ancient science, quantum physics, and integrative medicine, where acoustics and resonance play a significant role in healing the body.

A session in the resonance chamber uses a powerful combination of modalities to activate the body’s own natural ability to rebalance and restore itself. This combination enables the body to experience accelerated healing effects and align it through a fluid blend of healing frequencies and vibrations derived from sound, light, colour, and sacred harmonic geometry.

With the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® sessions, you are not only tapping into the power of using a few modalities at once, but it also saves you time, money, and effort. The great news is that once a particular issue is resolved, it can no longer re-appear. However, there is always a chance of getting into a place of force majeure events that can harm your body, mind and soul and bring you down again. Therefore, we advise you to consider a booster session or sessions to troubleshoot obstacles to the continuance of positive changes made during the therapy.  

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® sessions are for anyone willing to stay healthy and look and feel radiant and centred. People use the resonant chamber to detox and destress the body naturally and reinstate one’s energy in a pleasant and non-invasive way. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is used by many practitioners, clinicians, and healers to cleanse and reset themselves of any residual energy left over from their work helping others.

Mind-Body Medicine from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse®

Although advanced conventional medicine is focused on physiology, our organism has non-physical aspects. It communicates with our environment through electricity, sound, light, and magnetism (also known as ambient fields). Moreover, our organism generates and absorbs massive amounts of information in the form of energy fields. 

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® works effectively with these energy fields to restore our balance and health. Its secluded, meditative environment produces ideal ambient fields for therapeutically enhancing the nervous, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. In addition, it can also improve organs health, immune function, tissue regeneration,  lymphatic and endocrine and chakra systems, and psychology  (emotions, feelings, thoughts).

Energy medicine from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® improves mind-body interactions, which are interconnections between the psychological processes, central and autonomic nervous systems, immune systems, and endocrine systems.

This quote is a succinct definition of Energy Medicine:

“Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organise and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns is perhaps the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.”

David Feinstein, PhD

We have many scientific indications and testimonials from clients showing that the body’s healing abilities can be activated using the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® as a powerful enhancer to positively impact human biophysics, biochemistry, organ health and the human psyche (unconscious/subconscious mind).

Тhe Harmonic Egg Ellipse® activates the body’s healing mechanism as it applies focus to the underlying cause of your ailment and works from there for a lasting effect with no risk for your health or dangerous side effects. Hence, the range of health conditions that can have a positive impact is infinite.

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The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® as an Anti-Ageing Therapy

 People can benefit from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® rejuvenating effects because it works as a powerful de-stressor tool.

Many studies have linked stress with biological deterioration of ageing, leading to shorter telomeres, a chromosome component associated with cellular ageing and risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and more. 

The main aspect of the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® is that it works at the person’s cellular level and relieves the body from stress. Therefore, it helps take the body cells back down the time track to a more youthful, more vital period. As a result, it supports your organism to reverse the shortening of telomere length and slow down the ageing process.

The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® promotes detoxification, increases blood circulation, and vibrationally harmonises and rejuvenates the body. The increase in blood circulation positively supports the rejuvenation process at the cellular level. The actual “flow” gives energy to the cells to function at a higher level, calibrating closer to the speed of their younger age.

A picture containing text, transport, balloon

Description automatically generatedDid you know that the human body comprises 100 trillion cells, requiring healthy cell voltage to rejuvenate and stay alive?  

The human mechanism is a collection of living batteries which are cells and organs of fluctuating rates of vibration. In a healthy body, these different rates of vibration are adequately synchronised or balanced. 

Modern technologies scientifically prove that all sicknesses and diseases are due to low cellular energy or a low cellular voltage level. pH homeostasis (balance) is intricately connected with cellular energy homeostasis (equilibrium within the cell). Our bodies cannot fight disease if our body pH and cellular energy are not balanced correctly.

Higher frequency in the body leads to improved health. According to research, a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 MHz. When the body’s frequency falls below this level, we begin to experience illness and disease. For example, if our frequency falls below 58 MHz, we are more likely to catch a cold or flu. When our frequency falls below 42 MHz, we become vulnerable to cancer within the body. The lower the frequency, the nearer to death we are.

Thanks to the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® powerful combination of sound, light, and colour frequencies, we can now boost our cellular energy and body frequency, maintain our harmony within, naturally remedy diseases, and rejuvenate our bodies.

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The Disharmonizing Principle in Our Body and How the Resonant Chamber Can Reharmonize All Aspects of Our Being 

Deep relaxation and meditative states induced by sound and light from the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® slow down the brain waves and heart rate, achieving coherence and positively impacting the body. There appear to be positive heart-brain interactions and changes in the electrical activity of the heart and brain (brain and heart-coherent state). Why is this important? Science shows us that acute and chronic manifestations of an imbalanced brain-heart interaction harm health. 

When your heart and brain are in harmony, your mind, body, and soul are in a state of unity. As a result, self-awareness grows, resulting in a calmer, more natural, and intentional present state. This balanced state mediates good health and well-being. 

Following a Harmonic Egg Ellipse® session, balancing can be observed using an FDA-approved device known as a “Heart Rate Variability Monitor,” which measures subtle differences in the organs and other parts of the body. 

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The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® uses a combination of principles from ancient science, quantum physics.....



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