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Can the Harmonic Egg Ellipse® work to molecularly restructure the body?

Science has shown that sound, in essence, is mechanical vibration that transmits through a medium. For example, in the air medium, the sound inducer creates a vibration that results in regular compressions and decompressions of air molecules that travel to the receiving surface of the body, such as the ear’s tympanic membrane or the mechanoreceptors in the skin. Once in contact with the body, the compression/decompression of the body’s surface is transmitted through bone and tissue.

Different molecules travel through our bodies all the time. Unfortunately, disruptions of molecular movement can contribute to a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer’s. 


So now we understand that sound is a vibration of matter, having a frequency in which specific physical interactions occur between the acoustically vibrating media and solute molecules or molecular assemblies. These characteristics are of great advantage to sensing dynamic changes in fluid flows induced by the sound of music. 

In a nutshell, the emanating waves from a given source force molecular movement within the source as, for example, the molecules in the strings on a guitar move when plucked. 


Can molecules or molecular assemblies interact physically with the sound vibrations of music? Japanese researchers have now revealed their physical interaction. When classical music was playing, a designed supramolecular nanofiber in a solution dynamically aligned in harmony with the sound of music. A research team led by A. Tsuda at Kobe University used a designed supramolecular nanofiber placed in a solution to reveal that the nanofiber moved and aligned in reaction to harmony when exposed to an audible sound wave at frequencies up to 1000Hz. Follow the link to the study  Note: in a new tab) 

Did you know that sound can also exert a physical force that is strong enough to levitate objects? A scientific study reveals acoustic levitation uses sound waves to hold objects in mid-air. So far, only relatively small levitating forces have been generated but, in theory, much higher forces could be produced and levitation of objects even the size of humans might be possible.


Follow the link to discover how monks could levitate rocks through chanting and musical instruments. These Tibetan monks know the secret of levitation Note: in a new tab) 

We can certainly describe the content of this video material as pure HARMONIC RESONANCE. We believe that the monk’s technique could be the key to the construction methods of many other unexplained ancient structures around the world as the pyramids, Puma Punku stones, Stonehenge, etc. All matter comes into creation from harmonics and how it works. In a nutshell, we have a fabric of space-time. We have a harmonic interference that takes place that causes the vortex to spin, causes the torsion field to start to move, and is all based on music and musical ratios. Now, as all matter is based on that, we can make sounds, and we can take the proper harmonic ratios and dampen or amplify the effect of matter.

See also how the ancients cut stone with sound – lost high technology explained | Ancient Architects Note. in a new tab)

Music literally can change the world within and around us. The Harmonic Egg Ellipse® and its acoustic resonance technology is a new/rediscovered frontier for humankind. Are you curious to experience it? Plan a visit.