How effective can Harmonic Egg® be for deep emotional healing?

There are various types of emotional healing and also depths of emotional healing. For example, healing on the soul/spirit level, healing on the heart level, healing on a psychological/mind level, etc.  


The Harmonic Egg®  appears to be most effective for the psychological mind first and then for the rest. The psychological can consist mainly of limiting beliefs like – false assumptions about oneself, false ideas, and external triggers that cause restlessness, anger, etc. It’s all connected. Sessions in the Harmonic Egg®  can help you in the working of re-programing and limiting beliefs. 


Many times, concerning the heart, one has to treat more superficial psychological mindsets before the heart begins to heal. 


Some modalities will cause the mind to ignore the trauma in the heart, or even “mask and forget”, but that is not to say it is adequately treated, healed, or gone for good. That only means it has been buried alive and that ailments in the body can recur. The Harmonic Egg®  work on the individual as a whole, not just his parts, to clear trauma on all levels (mind-body-soul-spirit).