I am claustrophobic. Do you have a solution for me?

The Harmonic Egg® is comfortable and spacious (with the space and size of a large car) and should not disturb those with claustrophobia. Our first and foremost priority is for you to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.


People with claustrophobia and children are doing well, and they do not feel trapped, so you don’t need to worry about it. You go inside it; you are closed in but not sealed. So, you can go out by yourself for your peace of mind. The door can be stopped anywhere along its travel path and controlled by the user. It can always be manually opened if required from any static position from the inside. The final action of completely closing the door is counterbalanced, enabling the lightest of touches to partially or fully open or close the door. There is a gap vent around the door to allow air circulation, so it is not sealed. We prefer to maintain the door close for the sessions because it is essential to keep the integrity of the smoothness of the egg that spirals around you.   

However, for people with severe anxiety or panic attacks, we leave the door of the Harmonic Egg® open in our first couple of sessions. After each session, we close it a little bit more until you feel comfortable enough to be fully closed in it. You can lightly push the door open yourself if you wish. It does not lock or catch anywhere. Also, there is a “doorbell” located in the side pocket of the chair so that if you ever need assistance, you can always ring the bell. The wellness practitioner will hear it at the front desk.   

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