Do You Guarantee Results?

Clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illnesses. Everyone is different, so everyone will have different results. There are thousands of testimonials (RESULTS) from happy clients that have used the Harmonic Egg® to heal themselves from countless issues. However, because each client is unique, we can never predict the outcomes of an individual. This is because our cells determine where the energy is most needed and which part of the body, mind, and soul will receive the healing first, regardless of where the client believes the energy should be directed first. For example, the client may have an underlying problem his conscious mind is unaware of, and the frequencies and vibrations from the Harmonic Egg® will first purge them. Of course, it helps, and we always encourage our clients to set a clear intention and work with it in their sessions. 

For useful tips on how to set up an intention, please scroll down the page. 

When it comes to us/the wellness centre practitioners, we strictly adhere to the protocol and anticipate that the synergy between the Harmonic Egg® and the client will produce the results you desire. We aim to make you feel secure, protected and supported because we care. Therefore, we provide a high level of service, guidance and support. We are approachable, hardworking, cooperative, truthful, and readily available to talk to you and address your concerns by giving you our knowledge and honest input.

 Our Promises to You are


  •         The Harmonic Egg® sessions are completely safe and pleasant
  •         You will be healing your body, mind, and emotional self instead of just masking symptoms with drugs
  •         You will NOT experience any dangerous side effects or dependencies/addictions that often accompany pharmaceutical drugs