Does the Harmonic Egg use Solfeggio Frequencies or Binaural Beats?

No, solfeggio and binaural beats are not used in the resonant chamber.

Because the e gg itself vibrates at a higher frequency level (900/1200 Hz), the Harmonic Egg does not use Solfeggio. We don’t want the Solfeggio frequencies to dampen the vibration. It is possible, for example, that people who come to us already vibrate at a very high frequency. We don’t want to put them at 369 or 528 Hz in that case. So instead, we concentrate on the instruments. 

Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we concentrate on the instruments and their waveforms. The flute, for example, is very beneficial to the liver, among other things. Drums, like the digeridoo, are very helpful to the immune system and physical issues because they bring the physical body back into balance. The piano has a wave shape similar to a heartbeat and thus balances the autonomic nervous system. Each instrument has a different effect on different organs, systems, and functions in the body that we can use to activate the body’s self-healing ability. 

Also, most people listen to Solfeggio as an mp3 file. While you may believe you are listening to those frequencies, you are not because you are listening to compressed frequencies. Furthermore, high-quality speakers are required to experience the effect.

For all of these reasons, we concentrate on the instruments and the cubic air space of the Egg’s resonant chamber. Because the sound is contained in the cubic airspace of the Egg, which is built in the sacred geometry of the golden ratio, it cannot be scattered or wasted in the ether. This results in a completely unique listening experience, unlike anything you’ve ever had. It’s also not the same as listening to an MP3 through headphones or computer speakers. 

Why binaural beats are not used in the resonant chamber

Many therapies attempt to “force” the body and brain into a specific outcome. The Harmonic Egg® meets the client where they are and does not impose a sequence, such as a particular pattern of brain, hertz frequency, or even a desired emotional state. The body is complex and has a unique unfolding. Trying to force an outcome will only confuse and exacerbate the situation. Our wellness practitioners will work with you on your intentions, but the Egg will meet you where you are and gently unwind the stuck places to meet your healing needs.