What is Resonance Chamber Technology, and what does it do

The resonant chamber is at the cutting edge of holistic healing technology and relaxation therapy, which non-invasively releases physical, emotional, and environmental trauma and toxins from your body. This is done by employing sound and light frequency and vibration to bring your body back into balance. By resetting your cells to a healthy frequency, your body is able to effectively and naturally accelerate the healing process painlessly with the additional benefit of increasing the immune system’s response to disease and root causes of health anomalies. As a result, the range of health benefits and positive impacts are infinite.

Sound and light are two of the vital, resonant frequencies the Harmonic Egg® works with to facilitate healing. Did you know that a simultaneous combination of vibration, sound, and light colours helps facilitate the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy? Not only that, but colours and sounds generate energy fields, electrical impulses, and magnetic currents that are the primary activators of the hormonal and biochemical processes in the human body and support increased blood circulation and oxygen levels in the human cells. The fact is that these essential sedatives and stimulants are necessary to balance the entire body system and its organs. And this is all backed up by science! 

The Harmonic Egg® helps bring the autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve back into balance, thus creating results that can help turn off the activity of the genes that cause disease while turning on the genes that fight disease.

The resonant chamber’s cutting-edge technology gives us, compassionate wellness practitioners, a tool to provide advanced restorative bioenergy therapy. As a result, our clients can start repairing, de-stressing, and relaxing their body and mind, possibly creating harmony in their DNA and preventing it from getting too involved in biochemical reactions that would cause damage at a cellular level or DNA mutations. 

The Harmonic Egg® is an effective holistic method of dealing with stress on a deep level so that it does not continue to plague your life. Rather than targeting the “in the moment” stress with meditation and deep breathing practices, it helps you remove damaging emotional barriers from your current life and from your past. It can help you be more present and “in the now,” therefore giving you the ability to move forward in your life. During the non-invasive session (or series of sessions) the body responds in such a way that it begins moving towards optimal health and wellness.

The Harmonic Egg® will induce the most beneficial brainwave states – Alpha and Theta, take you to a deeply relaxed state and transmit the powerful healing frequency signals to your body. As you relax, you feel as if you are floating on a cloud of sound. The resonance will take you to a level below the level of consciousness, but you will be aware of your surroundings in a completely private and safe mode. You will then immerse in a unique multi-sensory experience (hear, feel, visualise and enjoy!) from which you can connect to your higher self and your body in another dimension. The frequencies in the resonant chamber bring your energy system in line with who you really are. As a result, models (e.g. limiting beliefs) that no longer fit here will be released faster, giving you access to your true potential.

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